Food Strategy

Hi, it’s Lila, Connie and Freya here. We’re Food Consultants and we’re hoping to make sure people don’t waste food at our school. We would love you to eat more of your food and this would reduce the waste each day. Simple!

One day each week, we have a competition to see which house can collect the minimal amount of waste. This will help us talk to the kitchen staff and discuss the most popular meals and ingredients. At the end of the year, the winning house will be cooked a special meal!

Also, we are working alongside Homebaked to bring pupils and parents together to learn how to cook healthy and nutritious food. Maybe you would like to come along?

Finally, we go out into our community and see if there are any people who really need food. We work with food banks and charities to help the most needy in our community to get nutritious food.

Thanks everyone!