All Saints ‘At Home’

Autumn 2020.

  1. Introduction

Whilst we have all returned to school full-time and managed a transition to our new year group by September 21st, the pandemic is still causing disruption to our way of life. The government has insisted that any person who has symptoms of the virus Covid-19 should be tested, and if that test is positive, they should stay at home and self-isolate for 10 days. Any family members living at the home must also self-isolate for 14 days.

If a child or teacher tests positive, then the whole ‘bubble’ at school will also need to self-isolate for 14 days. Quite clearly, some children may spend part of the school year at home, maybe for two weeks, maybe for more. There is therefore a need for the school to provide some home learning in this eventuality.

During the spring and summer, teachers tried to ensure that pupils’ education continued during the national lockdown. Evaluations from pupils and parents suggests a high degree of positivity around the provision made by the school staff. We therefore don’t intend to change the offer significantly, rather build on the work and improve where we can.

  1. General Outline of Intent


  • For pupils in Years 1 – 6, the main tool for learning and communication will be the online platform Seesaw. This platform allows for interaction between pupil, teacher and parent.
  • For pupils in Nursery and Reception, the main tool will be Tapestry, which also offers a level of interaction between parents and pupils. However, it does not provide any actual lessons. Teachers will also be connected with parents via e-mail.
  • A draft timetable has been drawn up – there are slightly different versions depending on the age group. This is there as a guide – we do not expect parents and teacher to follow this to the minute.
  • Each class teacher will introduce pupils to the day via these platforms and provide any guidance as to what might be suggested for the day ahead.
  • Many of the activities will be directions to accounts already set up. Pupils are familiar with these through their work in school. These include Reading Plus, Reading Wise, Spelling Shed, Maths Shed, TT Rockstars. These accounts will act as personalised learning accounts, taking the children through increasingly more challenging material at the level of each pupil. We anticipate short bursts of practice using these accounts.
  • Other activities will also be web-based and these will be available through our website. The teacher will direct pupils to these with instructions on how to use. These might include exercise videos, grammar activities, or French songs/games.
  • One or two activities a day will be related to the children’s current topics in class and be led by the year group teachers. There will be a writing book sent home for all pupils in which to record any learning.
  • With the help of In Harmony staff, pupils in KS2 will be asked to do some daily practice on their instruments. Support videos and instructions will be available for these.
  • Teachers may also suggest some more community-minded or family-friendly activities such as doing some gardening or reading to a younger sibling.
  • Account will be made of individual circumstances – some children may only get through a few of the activities each day, whilst others may branch out and follow different interests. That’s fine.


  1. Communication


  • Through Tapestry and Seesaw, pupils and parents can send messages to teachers, asking any questions or clarifying any instructions. We would ask that, as much as possible, you limit this to the hours of 9:00am – 4:30pm.
  • Parents are encouraged to comment on pupils’ work and engage in their learning. This is within a safe space – only you, your child and the teacher can see this.
  • Teachers will endeavour to do a daily welcome to the day – this may be a written message, a voice message or a video message.
  • We will try and put all resources and links on our website in a new page marked ‘All Saints at Home 2020’
  • If you have any queries about codes, log-ins, then please contact the school office and ask for Hannah (0151 263 9561).She’ll do her best to help.
  • Staff are trying to support any families who don’t have access to broadband or laptops. Please call us in confidence if you could do with some help here.
  • The headteacher will continue to do a weekly virtual assembly and a weekly newsletter. Both these will be sent to parents via the school app each Friday.
  • Our twitter account will also provide communications throughout this period.


Extra details for English and Mathematics

Here’s some more information about English online


  • Teachers will post daily writing or grammar/punctuation task. This will be set by the teacher each morning through Seesaw.

The tasks will vary from recorded videos modelling texts, and resources such as Oak Academy, Literacy Shed and Pobble.

The writing may be linked to the term’s theme.


  • Teachers will set a weekly spelling/phonics list. This will be set by the teacher on Seesaw each Monday morning so the children can practice the words daily.

The children will practise their spellings using Spelling Shed account. This is differentiated as per Year group/individual.

KS1: 10 mins daily

KS2: 15-20 mins daily




  • The children are unable to take home their individual reading books, however they will be able to access them online using Bug Club. They should try to read for 5-10 minutes daily just as they would with their home reading books.



  • Children will be asked to be complete a daily session on Reading Plus or ReadingWise to practise their fluency and comprehension skills. A typical session usually takes 20mins to complete the reading task.

Additional online resources which children can access independently:

  • Teach Your Monster to Read for EYFS and KS1. Phonics and reading practice.
  • Letterjoin – Handwriting practice
  • Vocabularu Ninja – vocabulary resources
  • Oxford Owl a range of free eBooks
  • BBC Bitesize – range of grammar and punctuation activities
  • Phonics Play – Phonics games


Here’s some more information about Maths online

At All Saints, each morning starts bright and early with both KS1 and KS2 children completing their Fluent in 5 calculations. These daily arithmetic questions will not only wake up your child but will support them in building number fluency & confidence in just 5 minutes a day!

Each day class teachers will also set a main Maths activity from the White Rose Hub. There will be a daily video and/or powerpoint with clear instructions given to guide your child through the lesson. All Maths sessions will be set first thing in the morning through the class Seesaw account and class teachers will be online for further support. Both KS1 and KS2 children are asked to write on the worksheets provided, either by editing the template online, printing off a copy of the sheet or using their own books to record their learning.

Children are then encouraged to upload their completed learning task each day so that their teacher can provide feedback, track your child’s progress and celebrate their learning.


Our love of Maths also continues into the afternoon, with class teachers allocating time for online activities to be completed independently by your child.

For EYFS and KS1 this will include approximately 15 minutes on Numbots. The maths games link to stories to support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts. The class teacher will also be able to track your child’s progression as they move through the skills.

For KS2 classes, children will be asked to complete approximately 15 minutes on TTRockstars each afternoon for times tables practise. This is differentiated for each year group and/or individuals. Children can earn points, set themselves challenges and also compete in class and whole school competitions.

In addition to TTRockstars, children in KS2 will be set a Maths Shed session or will be invited to take part in the Maths league. For approximately 20 minutes each afternoon, the children will be focusing on vital number work and developing fluency in basic skills through the online game.

For all online home learning tasks, please contact your child’s class teacher via Seesaw if you need another copy of your child’s logins and/or passwords.


For EYFS, the class teachers will set daily Maths activities for your child through Tapestry. Each week, the children will be focusing on a new number and will explore this at home through practical methods. The children will be encouraged to make the number using different objects, draw the amount in different ways and identify it in shape, space and measure activities. There will be lots of fun ideas shared by the teachers to support your child’s learning. Where possible please share photographs and interact with your child’s tapestry account so that the class teacher can track your child’s progress and celebrate their learning.

Here are some additional resources for Maths home learning which we feel will support your child even further at home. Please feel free to use them if you wish! If you have any questions, please ask your child’s class teacher.

  • Downloadable White Rose Hub homework booklets for parents and children to use at home for Years 1 – 6.
  • Maths Party 2020 resources which contain Virtual Party bags with Maths ideas to use at home including: hands on fun, printables, videos/songs, online games and helpful advice for parents. (EYFS/KS1/KS2)


  • Lots of fun Maths resource, games and videos on BBC Bitesize. There are also Primary catch up lessons too. (Years 1-6)

Click on the link to take a look!

If you have any particular queries or seek any further advice, then contact Miss Thomson





  1. Pupils with Special Educational Needs

The school’s SENCO team is drawing up individual packs of learning for children in the Resourced Provision or pupils where it is felt of particular importance. Arrangements with these children will be communicated to parents via the telephone and staff will aim to make regular calls to support the provision for these pupils.


  1. Contingency


  • Of course, this all presupposes that all pupils and staff will be healthy throughout the periods of self-isolation. Parents, please be understanding if your class teacher has health complications, or if one of their family does. Similarly, school staff will be fully understanding and sensitive if pupils and their families are unwell. Let us know and we will try and help
  • If your child is ill, or you have chosen to keep your child off for any other reasons, we cannot provide the same level of support as we would if the whole class is isolated. However, there is a wealth of information on the ‘All Saints at Home’ tab of the school website and we encourage parents to access this and record learning to the Seesaw account. It will be valued by school staff.


  1. Working from home


  • If ‘bubbles’ are sent home, teachers will have to work from home. As in March – July, teachers will aim to be as professional as they are in school, following all school policies and procedures.
  • Staff will use IT equipment that has been provided or authorised by the school. They will follow all school’s policies on safer internet usage.
  • As mentioned above, staff will not be expected to be answering communications and queries out of hours (typically 9am – 4:30pm). They will also be having breaks in the same way they would at school.
  • Please respect the fact that they might have family, small children, elderly parents. They won’t always be online and available.


Things may change during coming weeks and if that is the case, we will send out amendments.

As happened during the spring and summer, we hope that the partnerships between school and home can assist our pupils to flourish during this uncertain period.



Please use the links below to access learning resources for each year group.