Dear Parents,

If you haven’t heard, the prime minister has put the country into another lockdown, similar to the one back in March 2020. It means that all schools close with immediate effect. Therefore, All Saints is closed tomorrow.

As I said in my briefing today, we had begun contingency planning today, half expecting this to happen. But it’s still very sudden.

I have asked teaching staff to begin preparations to move online so that we can support your children with continued learning over these coming weeks. Teachers will be in touch tomorrow via Seesaw/Tapestry to begin making preparations. Please see tomorrow as a planning day to get everything ready. We can then begin a timetable on Wednesday. I will update you more tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, we will begin plans for an All Saints Hub – a provision for vulnerable pupils and children of keyworker children. It should be possible to open this on Wednesday. We will give more information out tomorrow around eligibility.

I apologise that we can’t have everything in place by tomorrow morning, but the timing of tonight’s announcement has made this impossible. Only yesterday, we were being told to do everything we could to keep pupils in school!!

As always, we will aim to do the very best for your children and for all the families of the All Saints school community and those of the Anfield Children’s Centre. If you have any queries, members of the leadership team and administration staff will be in school from 8am tomorrow.

Mr Barnes