All Saints Catholic Primary School

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Toys Old and New – Launch Day!

On Thursday, Year 1 launched our new topic of Toys Old and New! To get excited about this new topic we looked at some old and new toys together and decided how we could tell if a toy was from the past or the present. We looked at the types of materials they were made of and thought about if they would still be fun to play with today (most were – especially the marionette!)

After, we were allowed to bring in one of our favourite toys from home to play with and share with our friends. There were dolls, rubix cubes, transformers, teddy bears and footballs! As it was a beautiful sunny day, we brought our toys out onto the yard to play with so that we could share our toys with our friends in both classes. When we came back inside we interviewed our friends about their favourite toys and who they like to play with.

We had a lovely day and we are excited to learn more about old and new toys around us. I wonder what the teachers and parents used to play with when they were little? This weekend, try to ask a parent or family member about their favourite toys!

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