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Resilience Project – Perfect Pumpkin Soup!

This term as part of our curriculum we have been focusing on people who help us and in turn looked at how we can help others who are in need in our local community.  As a group we decided it was time to give back and looked at what skills we had to offer.

Over the last six weeks the children have taken part in cookery sessions and have learnt an array of new skills. As a class we decided that we would like to help the homeless and we could do so by making soup to give to ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ who could use it in their weekly soup kitchen. The children decided on using seasonal produce to make a perfect pumpkin soup!

Below are some pictures we would like to share with you:



img_0908  img_0910   img_0913

Harvesting the pulp:

img_0922 img_0923 img_0924    img_0928 img_0929 img_0930

Getting ready to deliver our batches of soup to ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ img_0950

We are on our way……


Delivering the soup

img_0957     img_0962

We hope all who received our soup enjoyed it!

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