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China – A Celebration of Learning!

As we move into the summer term we are also concluding our work on our “Friends With the World” topic. Throughout the Spring we took on a great adventure in learning that lead us through investigation Mandarin and Cantonese languages through music, tasting Chinese foods and participating in a typical school day for a Chinese pupil (including the morning workout)!

As explorers of knowledge we took part in our own independent study of China through our homework projects. The projects were all outstanding and all of the children received certificates for their hard work! A lot of the children not only learned facts about landmarks, animals and geography, they also learned how to write their names using Chinese characters! Here is a selection of photos of our projects.

As part of our topic we also celebrated our learning through our Year 1 Assembly! We presented through the story of “The Magic Paintbrush” and compared how the protagonist, Shen, displayed the All Saints learner characteristics just like us! We also sang songs in Cantonese, performed a traditional lion dance and learned a silk scarf dance as well.

When we returned after the Easter break, we went to the Liverpool World Museum to visit the Terracotta Warrior exhibit. This was an amazing opportunity and we really enjoyed seeing the life-sized warriors right in front of our very own eyes!

When we returned from the museum we decided to try to create our own versions of the warriors. We used clay to shape and sculpt our own army of warriors and tried our best to create the life-like details that we saw on the warriors at the museum. This was a difficult task but we loved getting our hands dirty and using our creativity to make our army come to life!

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