All Saints Catholic Primary School


Welcome to the class page for Reception 2.

This is a very exciting time in your child’s school life as they start their journey at All Saints Catholic Primary School and we have lots of exciting things planned for this year, which we will document here in our blog as well as the children’s own learning journeys. 

The class is led by myself, Mrs Marsden, along with Mrs Riley and Mrs McAdam, who many of the children will be familiar with from our Nursery. We also have Mrs Cosgrove providing support to the children along with the other adults from Reception 1.

Throughout the year I am sure that you will have many questions and queries which I am only too happy to address, either speak to myself or one of the team at the door during drop off or collection, or alternatively make an appointment to see me after school.

We are all looking forward to sharing this Reception year with our class of 2017/18.

Many Thanks

Mrs Marsden 




R2 news...

How Many Pieces?

One of our dominating interests in Reception 2 is our love of construction and today some of the children decided to see if they could link pieces of ‘finger build’ together to see if they could touch the classroom ceiling. As they continued their investigation more children joined in as the interest grew. Even though we had reached the ceiling we still have pieces left in the box, so we took our investigation outside to see how far all the pieces would reach. 

And the result was….

78 pieces of finger build reached nearly all the way across our outdoor area!


As part of our ‘Understandng the World’ curriculum we spend time in the new garden area at the front of the school building. This week we enjoyed a campfire, talking about fire safety, singing campfire songs and cooking marshmallows for ‘smores’. 

Bolly Kids

As part of our links with Anfield Children’s Centre we have been provided with four sessions of ‘Bolly Kids’, delivered by a trained instructor, the sessions draw inspiration from Bollywood dancing. We have looked at traditional dance moves, listened to popular music and explored what we know about it’s origins in India. The children have enjoyed this experience immensely. 


As part of our physical development curriculum we are fortunate to have a gymnast come into school to work with the class. We have explored different ways of moving, balancing and jumping . Learning new vocabulary about the different jumps, such as a pike jump, a tuck jump and a straight jump. We have learnt lots of new skills and had lots of fun in the process.  

School Artwork Installation

Today we worked with Trish, to add to a collaborative school artwork project for the school entrance area and the school corridors. We examined the mosaic tiles and the designs, discussing texture, colours and how reflective the tiles are. Parents and visitors will soon be able to view the artwork throughout school.   

Starting Our Reading Journey


As a start to our reading journey R2 have been making bookmarks today that we can use in our reading books to save the page we are up to. The children made sure they wrote their names on their bookmark before they decorated it with sequins, feathers and their drawings. 

Our First Day

It has finally arrived, our first day of Reception!

Today we welcomed  our new intake to Reception 2 and although we had a few tears from parents and grandparents, the children all had a fantastic time. Together we explored the classroom and outdoor provision, the torches were a particular hit and many children began their learning looking at the balancing scales and how they worked, along with our new story den. I can already tell this is going to be a great year!

Here is a little peak into our day.

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