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Welcome to the class page for Reception 2.

This is a very exciting time in your child’s school life as they start their journey at All Saints Catholic Primary School and we have lots of exciting things planned for this year, which we will document here in our blog as well as the children’s own learning journeys. 

The class is led by myself, Mrs Marsden, along with Mrs Riley and Mrs McAdam, who many of the children will be familiar with from our Nursery. We also have Mrs Cosgrove providing support to the children along with the other adults from Reception 1.

Throughout the year I am sure that you will have many questions and queries which I am only too happy to address, either speak to myself or one of the team at the door during drop off or collection, or alternatively make an appointment to see me after school.

We are all looking forward to sharing this Reception year with our class of 2017/18.

Many Thanks

Mrs Marsden 




R2 news...

Can Children Run Faster Than Adults?

During our discussions this morning Benny announced that “children can run faster than adults”, so this afternoon we decided to explore that theory. Firstly we watched a recording of the men’s 100m final from the Rio Olympics where Usain Bolt won in 9.8 seconds. We then used a trundle wheel to measure a 20m race track on the yard. Next we ran our race and measured the time using a stopwatch, the children did it in 5 seconds. With a little help we worked out that Usain Bolt would be able to run our track in 2 seconds, therefore unfortunately the children can’t run faster than the grown ups. Some might think this was unfair but Mrs Marsden did not feel she could be held accountable for the whole adult population! We did however, decide to make medals for ourselves to recognise our achievements.

Throughout out learning this afternoon we have looked at fair play, measurement, distance, time, wider understanding of the world, working together, being creative, scissor skills, shape and so much more, all carefully disguised as having fun. 


Our Surprise Visitor

As we all got ready to wait for our grown ups we were very surprised to have an unexpected visitor in our class today, Mighty Red! Not only did he come in to say hello but he then sat on one of our chairs, tried to drink our milk, played with the till in the cafe but he then took a liking to Jessica’s pink bag! He was very funny and he made us all laugh a lot with his funny dancing.

What a fantastic surprise!

Reception Summer Term Newsletter

Please take a moment to have a look at our ‘Reception Newsletter’ for the Summer term. It is another way of us passing information about your child’s learning and contains details of what we shall be focusing in in the coming months. 

Summer 2018 Reception Newsletter

New Construction Blocks

We have had a very exciting afternoon in R2 today, we took delivery of some new Lego building bricks, we talked about how we needed to share and work as teams to build together. We looked at the different shapes and colours of blocks and how to fit them together for our creations. We are very excited by this new addition to our classroom, developing our interest in construction to move our learning forwards. 


Gingerbread Man Attack

Today we came into school to find a mess in our classroom; chairs tipped over, flour on the floor and crumbs everywhere.  The area had been cordoned off before the children arrived and Mr Ralston went to check the CCTV. The children arrived and made all sorts of predictions about what had happened; was it a dragon, a wolf, the Easter bunny, had Elf on the Shelf returned? It wasn’t long before Mr Ralston returned with the CCTV footage showing a Gingerbread Man and his friends running through our classroom. 

We have spent the day designing traps, writing plans, recording news reports and making signs, just in case the Gingerbread Man returns tonight.

Watch our CCTV footage

Planting Project


With our ‘Bug Hotel’ opening soon we need to think about the menu, so we have begun to look at planting and how we can provide a range of flowers and berries around our outdoor area. We have begun learning about planting through a growing kit supplied to school by ‘Innocent Smoothies’ as part of their ‘Big Grow 2018’ campaign. Today we began by planting cress, pea shoots and baby spinach in pots and we will observe them growing over the next few weeks. 

Bug Hotel

Following the children’s interests in all things creepy crawly, we are developing a ‘Bug Hotel’ for our outdoor area. We have looked at the different bugs that we would like to attract and the different types of habitat that we need to include in our hotel. Having drawn designs of how we would like it to look Mr Butler, one of our school governors, came into class to help us begin building it. We collected lots of recyclable materials to use in the construction and look forward to developing it over the next few weeks, ready for our first guests in the spring.


Snow Day

What a surprise to wake up to snow!!!

Well Reception 2 were very excited about the snow today, we started our day by sharing news of what we had done on our way into school, there were tales of snow angels, snowball throwing and snowmen. We then put on our waterproof suits and went outside to explore (much to the envy of the juniors). This was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children, discussing senses, melting, ice crystals and much more. We even built a snowman although someone ate his nose!


Ducklings in Class

Today we had some very special visitors in class, four ducklings that had come to our school as eggs and who were now only a week old. The children all took turns to hold and comment on what they observed. Of course the ducklings love water so we made them a bath and watched as they splashed in and out of the water. We talked about the different features of the ducklings like their bill and their webbed feet. 

World Book Day

As part of the World Book Day celebrations across school we all enjoyed dressing up. We learnt about Roald Dahl, focusing on his book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. We read the story, painted pictures of crocodiles and joined in with a whole school assembly celebrating reading.