All Saints Catholic Primary School


Welcome to the blog pages for the morning nursery.

Nursery Team –

  • Mrs Donohue –  Nursery Teacher 
  • Mrs Aitken  –  Trainee Teacher
  • Mrs Carter –  Teaching Assistant

Nursery session times are 8.45 am – 11.45 am.

During the week nursery children enjoy a range of activities such as:

Music sessions – Tuesday

Forest School – Wednesday

PE – Thursday

Nursery news...

Visit from Peter the Guide Dog

Today we had a visit from Lisa, her son Lewis and her guide dog Peter. Lisa told us all about Peter and how he helps her to get around because she is vision impaired. The children asked Lisa lots of questions about her life and about Peter such as; why can’t see? Where does Peter sleep? Does Peter get birthday and Christmas presents? How does Peter know how to cross the road? Lisa answered all the children’s questions and they all got to stroke Peter. Thank you Lisa, Lewis and Peter for sharing your story with us.

PDSA visit

Today we had a visit from Becca the veterinary nurse from the PDSA. Becca showed us how to look after our pets by keeping them happy and healthy. She told us how our pets need a warm comfortable home, lots of exercise and healthy food and drink to grow strong, happy and healthy.

Puddle jumping!!!


Nursery Newsletter: Summer 2018

Nursery newsletter SUMMER 2018

Visit from our local Community and Traffic Support Police Officers

Today the nursery were very happy to have a visit from our local Police Community & Traffic Support Officers. We had invited them to come and join our Forest School session and were delighted when they arrived so that we could show them our new outdoor area. Officer Lucy and Officer C.J helped the children to find and identify some of the creatures that live and visit our outdoor space and the children showed them our new Bug Hotel. During the session the children learned a lot about being a police officer and about some of the things they do to help us such as; keeping us safe and helping us if we are ever lost or scared. Some children even got to talk to each other using the officers 2-way radios and we all enjoyed learning a new song about ‘crossing the road safely’. At the end of the session we sat around the camp-fire, enjoyed cooking and eating a s’more and finished with a sing song . We are very much looking forward to our next visit from officer Lucy and Officer C.J.

Snow Day !

Today we all woke up to find that it had snowed over night. This meant only one thing …putting on our warmest clothes and having  fun in the snow. The nursery followed their footsteps in the snow, drew pictures and filled buckets with the snow, they had a snowball fights, made a wonderful snow-man and created snow-angels in the soft white powder. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

The Nursery Goes Camping.

October 2017 – Going Camping.

Forest School October 2017

Sept 2017 – Working with a local artist on a whole school art piece.