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Science Week

This week the nursery children did lots of science experiments. They showed great curiosity.

Coke and Mints Experiment

The children were asked what might happen when I put mint sweets into a bottle of coke?

“they might dissolve…” Maceylee

“they will sink to the bottom.” Mikey

“it might go whoosh…” Joel     “yes it will explode” Hannah   “Like a volcaneo” Ben

Louis said…. “don’t do it miss….”

IMG_3273 IMG_3275 IMG_3280 IMG_3281 IMG_3285



Add small drops of water slowly to cornflour and watch as the consistency changes.

IMG_3294 IMG_3296


Sink or Float?

We put honey, water and oil into a container. We watched as the liquids settled and discovered that the heaviest liquid, the honey, went to the bottom and the lightest liquid, the oil, moved to the top.

We had a selection of objects to put into the liquids and discovered which ones would sink and which ones would float. The children did well at guessing what would happen to the objects. They were amazed to find out that some objects would sink through the oil but float above the water.

IMG_3298 IMG_3300 IMG_3301 IMG_3303 IMG_3307


Walking Water

We had 5 pots and put coloured water into every other pot. We added kitchen roll to connect the pots and observed throughout the day as the water ‘walked’ up the kitchen roll into the empty pots. The colours mixed together to make a rainbow.


IMG_3439 IMG_3448 IMG_3455 IMG_3457 IMG_3458

Afternoon Nursery Claremont Farm Trip


We had a fabulous time picking strawberries, raspberries, red currents and gooseberries at Calremont Farm. Yummy!!

IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0618 IMG_0619 IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0622 IMG_0623 IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629 IMG_0630 IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0653 IMG_3324 IMG_3327 IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3331 IMG_3333 IMG_3334 IMG_3337 IMG_3338

Morning Nursery at Claremont Farm












The morning children loved our day out at Claremont Farm. The strawberries tasted beautiful. Happy faces all round.

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0544  IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_0558 IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0564 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_3151 IMG_3152 IMG_3158 IMG_3159 IMG_3160 IMG_3164 IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3167 IMG_3168

Nursery Sports Day

IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0483 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497 IMG_0499 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0511 IMG_0512 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3132 IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3137 IMG_3138 IMG_3139 IMG_3140 IMG_3141 IMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3149 IMG_3150

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon nursery joined in with Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations. We enjoyed sandwiches, cake and scones.

Truly scrumptious!


IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2915 IMG_2916 IMG_2917 IMG_2918 IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2923 IMG_2924 IMG_2925 IMG_2926 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2929


Thank-you to all the parents who joined in with the celebrations.

Champagne Breakfast

Morning nursery celebrated Queen Elizbeth’s 90th

birthday in true royal fashion with ‘champagne’ breakfast.

We enjoyed croissants, chocolate marble cake and ‘champagne’ (pink lemonade) with strawberries.


IMG_2886 IMG_2887 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2895 IMG_2896 IMG_2897 IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2900 IMG_2901 IMG_2902 IMG_2903 IMG_2904 IMG_2905 IMG_2906

Thank you all the parents who joined in with the celebrations.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Preparations are in full swing………..

IMG_2841 IMG_2842 IMG_2851 IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2862

Ready to start……… yum yum!!

IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2866 IMG_2867 IMG_2868 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873

All Saints Autism Awareness Week


As part of All Saints Autism Awareness Week our pupils have been learning all about Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). As a school we want to ensure that our pupils develop their understanding of Autism and appreciate that everyone is unique.

This week the children have taken part in ASD awareness sessions, have participated in an own clothes day to fund raise for the National Autistic Society as well as releasing balloons carrying messages of how we can support people with ASD in our schools.

We eagerly await a response from the public to see how far our Autism awareness messages have spread.

Here are some of the messages we sent into world:


We would like to say a big thank you to parents/ guardians who have supported the school with fundraising this week!

The total raised from own clothes day and parental donations was a staggering £228.54. A cheque for this amount will now be sent to the National Autistic Society so that they can continue to support families across the country.








Thank-you to all the parents who joined in with Zumba and a huge to thanks to Helen who made it possible.

It was fantastic. We hope you all enjoyed it, I know the children did!  Chihuahua!!

IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1554 IMG_1558 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1570 IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1588 IMG_1589 IMG_1591 IMG_1593 IMG_1595 IMG_1597 IMG_1600 IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608 IMG_1610 IMG_1611

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