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Sea Wig Competition

In our Summer English topic we read ‘Oliver and The Seawigs’ which proved to be popular adventure story.

Well done to everyone who took part in our Sea Wig Competition yesterday. The winners of the Hallowed Shallowed event were Lily, Heidi and Matilda.

A great effort by everyone, it has been lovely to conclude our year with lots of fun! Thanks again to parents who have supported the children to be creative.

Click to see photographs of the contestants —————>sea wig competition


Language and Culture week

What a busy and exciting Language and Culture week!

On Monday we started with food tasting sessions where we tried assorted Spanish Tapas Mondas with bread and fruity Sangria. Estaba delicioso!


On Tuesday we enjoyed a Beatles day, where we dressed up and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper album. Well done to Joseph, who won ‘best dressed’ in 4T with his Octopuses’ garden costume! We also enjoyed watching performances from Keystrings, who played famous Beatles songs with various string instruments.



We enjoyed getting ready for our French performance of ‘La Belle au Boi Dormant’. Well done to Mace, Phoebe and Elise for their starring roles in the song. A big thank you to all of the parents who came and watched the performance, another great success!


Finally, we concluded the week with a competition, where we celebrated the Beatles around the world. Year 4 had to create a new French Beatles film cover. Well done to Alexandra, who won a sticker book atlas for her great effort! C’est super!

Spanish Homework Project

Linking in with our Creative Curriculum, we asked Year 4 to produce a project to bring into school based on our ‘Spanish’, topic. I have been truly overwhelmed by the projects which have arrived. They have included poster boards, 3-d models, art/crafts, country fact-files and lots more! Thank you for supporting your child to be All Saints learners, who are creative, curious, independent, resilient and communicative. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it!

We will be announcing 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the projects shortly!

Click to look at the competition ———–>4T Spanish project

Thanks again,

Miss Thomson







Manchester airport and Runway Visitor Park

As part of our Summer topic, Spain,  4T visited Terminal 2 in Manchester airport along with the Runway Visitor Park.

Click on the link to see some of our favourite photographs from the day-  4T Manchester airport and Runway Visitor Park

Spanish topic project.

A reminder that the Spanish project can be presented in various ways including poster boards, 3-d models, art/craft, a country fact-file etc.

Ideas to think about:  Spanish food, traditional clothing, culture, football teams, language, tourist attractions etc. Be as creative as possible and enjoy!

The project is due in on Monday 19th June.  Parents are encouraged to help their child with their project.  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Thank you for your continued support.


4T Spanish Launch day!

Click to look at our photographs – 4T Spanish Launch Day

Our Spanish Launch day

Today we explored Spanish language, food and culture by interviewing a Spanish teacher, singing songs and taking part in a quiz.

We learnt Spanish vocabulary and composed instructions for our tasty Sangria. We also made our own Pan Con Tomate – Yum!

Thank you for your support with your child’s costume.



Children are to read daily and bring their book in every day to be checked and changed if needed.

Children are also given Spelling homework on Monday in preparation for their test every Friday.

On Tuesday, 4T are to bring their PE kit/tracksuit in for their PE lesson.

On Wednesday, children are reminded to bring their brass instrument in for their lesson.

Thank you for you continued support and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 20th May at 10.30am for your child’s First Holy Communion.

Click here for a copy of our Newsletter Year 4 Summer 2017 and All Saints Key Assessment Criteria – Summer topic Spain to see what else we will be learning in this topic.

Safer Internet week – Emoji top tips

Today 4T explored being safe on the internet and used emojis to create top tips for a better internet. They also had to guess each other’s emoji messages!

Parents, can you read our top tip messages?

100_4396 100_4401 100_4402 100_4403 100_4405 100_4406 100_4407 100_4409



The Maritime Museum and the Old Dock experience


On Tuesday 7th February, 4T enjoyed a fun filled day at the Maritime Museum. We enjoyed an informative and exciting trip through the Old Dock, which is underneath John Lewis! The Old Dock, originally known as Thomas Steers’ dock, was the world’s first commercial wet dock. Did you know that the bricks left standing today are 300 years old?

IMG_1271 IMG_1274 IMG_1275

Next, we explored the Titanic ‘Untold story’ where we dressed up as people from the past and watched the tragic historical event unfold on a video. As well as learning about the trade of cargo and products including cotton, tea, coffee, tobacco, spirits, we also learnt about the slave trade and how Liverpool was involved all of those years ago.

Click to view Maritime collage 4T.

After lunch, we participated in a ‘Voyage of discovery’ workshop, where we learnt lots about dates and the events of the Titanic. We were shocked to discover the truth about who survived and who perished in the North Atlantic ocean.

As curious historians we had a great day!



All aboard for the Titanic afternoon tea experience!



On Friday 27th January, 4T enjoyed a fun-filled day through a Titanic experience to launch our new topic of Maritime Liverpool.

From composing creative and exquisite afternoon tea menus, to planning terrific Titanic cruise in maths, 4T were truly immersed in the day!

Thank you to all parents for supporting the children through their brilliant costumes.

We hope you enjoy looking at the best parts of our day.

Click to view our Titanic Maths lesson

Click to view our Titanic afternoon tea

4T start working with Data.

Children from 4T began working with Data today.


First children accessed the website: ztype

Here children were able to develop their typing skills.

Children then collated their scores using a board.

Using Excel, children were able to collate the data from the board.

Sort it into order and create graphs.



Welcome back 4T!

Welcome back to a busy and exciting Spring term. Please read our 2017-year-4-spring-newsletter and maritime-learning-log to find out about important information about the Spring term.

Our trip to the Maritime Museum will be on Tuesday 7th February which will support our learning about the Old docks in Liverpool.

4T will have swimming lessons every other Wednesday as well as brass lessons on the alternative weeks. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE/swimming kits and practises their brass instrument at home and returns it for their lesson on Wednesday.

Maritime Launch Day Friday 27th January – Dress to Impress

Year 4 will be launching their new Spring topic on ‘Maritime Liverpool’ on Friday 27th January.  They will take part in many exciting activities including designing a Titanic menu for an afternoon tea, whilst attending a ‘1st Class Titanic Experience ‘

Children may come in fancy dress for the day, dressed to impress for their 1st class afternoon tea.  Ideas can be taken from the period of 1910-1912 where they wore flowing skirts, scarves, hats, ruffles and lace.  They also liked to pile their hair in curls on their head!  Gentlemen were very smart, wearing dickie bows and smart suits.

We are looking forward to seeing your imaginative ideas and to see who the prize winner of the day is!!

4T Christmas party

Today we had a Music and Language celebration assembly where children performed in the school choir, gospel choir, vocal group, brass, woodwind, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Greek and Makaton groups. A very busy but exciting morning!

After playing with toys and games, 4T have had a lovely Christmas party with lots of eating, singing, dancing and playing pin the ears on the elf.

Thank you for your continued support. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from 4T and Eddie the Elf!

100_4268 100_4267