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1960s summer of love!

What a busy week celebrating the languages, arts and culture we are so lucky to have in our school. We have been exploring lots of aspects of life in the 1960s, particularly the Beatles.The costumes were fantastic and we were very lucky to listen to some of the original Beatles albums on a record player. We researched different fashion styles, toys and games,technology and music in the 1960s and discovered that a lot has changed in 50 years. We have explored some popart and looked at some of Andy Warhol’s paintings which were very popular at the time. We even had a go at painting the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in the popart style to send to our partner school in France. We also created some Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ style paintings with an African theme. As you can see, they look wonderful!

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Food tasting


We tasted lots of new food from different countries around the world. Our favourites were the Belgian waffles and British scones, jam and cream. Some others were not so nice, particularly the Australian Vegemite! We were able to wash it all down with some non-alcoholic sangria!110_5278 110_5285 110_5284 110_5277 110_5279 110_5282 110_5283 110_5270 110_5273 110_5263 110_5261 110_5265 110_5274 110_5275 110_5268 110_5269 110_5276

Stone Age Houses

Congratulations to all those children who completed their Stone Age houses project over half-term. The effort put in by all the children was incredible. Thank you to all parents or family members who supported the children with materials and/or creating the projects. The children chose to create their project in the style of Neolithic, Palaeolithic or Mesolithic houses, some even did more than one! The children presented their projects to the rest of the class, thinking about what materials were most suitable for their project and evaluated their designs. As you can see they look fantastic and the children have learnt a great deal, and also had a lot of fun in the process.

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3M, Microbit work.

To access the Microbit website, please click here:

Easter Activites

Well done to all the children who made and decorated the eggs for our Easter competition, it was very difficult to judge as so many children made such a massive effort. We seen everything from ‘egg-emogies’ to minions, Stone Age to Ancient Egypt and even Indiana Jones! There were lots of beautiful, colourful designs.

Well done to our overall winner- Lacey Sheridan for her Beauty and the Beast themed design.

We spent this afternoon baking rice krispy cakes to bring to the Cake sale and decorated them with some mini eggs. Yum yum!                                                                     109_5010 109_5011 109_5012 109_5013 109_4999 109_5000 109_5001 109_5002 109_5003 109_5004 109_5005 109_5006 109_5007 109_5008 109_5009A

Our visit from the Chicks

3M had a visit from the chicks on Tuesday. We spent some time learning about the life cycle of a hen and then had a bit of time to cuddle and play with the chicks, not forgetting to be gentle with them.


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E-Safety work


The above is the link to today’s work.

We are Historians! Ancient Greek Experience

We went back in time today to Ancient Greece. We explored Greek Geography, the History of Democracy in Athens, the Spartans, their armour and their fighting strategies. We were creative by performing the Greek tragedy ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. After break we were resilient and solved some mathematical puzzles and completed a quiz about some historical facts. In the afternoon we were communicative and worked in teams to complete a mini Olympic Games (even the girls were allowed to join in!)



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World Book Day

We had a brilliant day celebrating our love for books and discussing and learning about some Roald Dahl stories. This week we have put our mathematical skills to the test recognising coins and using them to buy sweets from Willy Wonka’s chocolate shop. We also focused on our favourite character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and used our excellent writing skills to describe our favourite character. We then designed and made our characters and stuck the description inside.

We finished off our celebrations by visiting All Saint’s own chocolate factory! We were greeted at the door by Ooma Lumpas and even had some tasty sweets to dip into the delicious chocolate fountain.


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Zeus has lost his lightening bolt and there could be a war between the Greek God’s! Thankfully 3M have come to the rescue. We used our knowledge of Ancient Greece and learned some new facts about Greek architecture and columns that we still see today, while solving clues to find the missing lightening bolt. The clues led us to Athena so we knew it must be one of Athena’s temples then finally to the Albert Docks! This helped us match the types of column (Doric) to the temples to find out that it was hidden in the Temple to Athena. We then wrote a letter to Zeus to tell him where the lightening bolt was so he could return to ruling the sky.


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