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E-Safety Padlet work

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Today we were curious archaeologists. We performed an archaeological dig and discovered some Ancient Greek pottery. We were gentle and used brushes so we would not damage the fragile objects. After sketching our findings, we used  our curiosity  to explore what the objects were for, what they might have contained and who or what the pictures were of on them. We used this knowledge to help our understanding of what life might have been like in Ancient Greece.108_4365 108_4366 108_4367 108_4368 108_4369 108_4370 108_4371 108_4372 108_4373 108_4375 108_4376 108_4377 108_4378

Christmas Fun!

Over the Christmas period we had lots of fun  preparing and celebrating. We wrote letters to Santa and were delighted to receive letters back! We also made ‘melting snowmen’ biscuits and enjoyed eating them during our class party.

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Ancient Egypt!

We have been exploring Ancient Egypt and have spent time exploring some exciting artefacts. We became archaeologists and were digging in the sand to find some ancient artefacts. We carefully used our tools to dig in the sand and used our curiosity and creativity to consider what these artefacts may have been used for in ancient times. As historians, we have learnt that artefacts can teach us a great deal about what life was like in ancient times.

101_4087 101_4088 101_4089 101_4090


We were curious as to what the artefacts were and what they were used for. So, we showed independence and researched using books about Ancient Egypt. We then used our communication skills to share our new found knowledge.

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African Street Food!

Egg Rolex Practical Cookery Session

African ‘Rolex’ snack – a Ugandan street food with a chapati, onions, peppers and egg, and is very tasty! The Rolex is a type of food eaten on the streets of Kampala, Uganda and all across East Africa. Eggs are fried over a charcoal stove with other ingredients in this popular recipe.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity in class to prepare, cook and taste an ‘Egg Rolex’ for ourselves. Take a look at some of the photographs.

105_3784 105_3785 105_3787 105_3788 105_3789 105_3790 105_3791 105_3792 105_3793 105_3794 105_3795 105_3796 105_3797 105_3798 105_3799 105_3800 105_3801

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Our Amazing Africa Topic!

During the Autumn Term so far, 3G have had lots of fun exploring our Africa topic. We had a fantastic launch day and had lots of fun dressed in our African themed clothes, writing our own African folk Tinga Tanga Tales, discovering African music and having a go at creating our own African music too. Take a look at some of the photographs from throughout the day.

Our Fantastic outfits!

Africa launch day!

105_3738 105_3740 105_3743


Hard at work!

105_3742  105_3746105_3745


African drumming!

105_3750 105_3751 105_3752 105_3753 105_3755 105_3756 105_3757 105_3758 105_3759 105_3761 105_3762 105_3763


Welcome to 3G

Welcome to 3G, I am Miss Gibson the class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Mrs Welsh. The children in 3G are fantastic learners, continually developing their independence, resilience, curiosity, creativity and communication skills. Explore our Class page to keep up to date with the children’s learning and share in celebrating their achievements. You can also head over to our ‘Curriculum’ page to see more about what we are learning this year! For information about after school clubs take a look at our ‘Extra Curricular’ page too!


This term PE will be taught on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child wears a full school tracksuit or PE kit and trainers to school every Wednesday and Thursday.


Your support is greatly appreciated and makes a big difference to both your child’s learning and attitude to learning. We ask that you encourage your child to read each day and for this to be recorded in your child’s reading record, which is to be returned daily with their reading book.


Homework is issued each Monday, usually a list of just nine spellings for your child to learn and a mathematics game to play. We ask that homework is completed and folders are returned each Friday, leaving the weekend free for family time!

The Beatles Museum

Today Year 3 went to the Beatles Museum to support and celebrate our learning of Liverpool in the 1960s.


First, we went into the Beatles Story, the exhibition where we explored the lives, times, music and culture of The Beatles.

163_3643 163_3645

Next, we enjoyed participating in the discovery zone workshops. The sessions included listening and playing music on a giant piano, creating Beatles inspired artwork and singing songs from the record store dressed in the 1960s style.
163_3683 163_3686163_3665

After lunch, we strolled alongside the river Mersey and the Albert dock towards the Fab 4D cinema where 3T giggled, screamed and travelled through the songs of The Beatles.

163_3697 163_3700

In addition to more exploring of the Albert dock, 3T enjoyed ice lollies to conclude our lovely day out. What a great day 3T!



Magic squares!

Our maths focus during purple progress week has been to develop our key skills such as independence and resilience in problem solving.

In our maths lesson, we worked logically to complete the magic square problems and systematically to find all possible solutions.

The children chose their own mathematical resources to improve their understanding and apply their skills.

Great progress shown today 3T – well done!

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