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We discussed the different types of food we find in the city and where it may come from. We talked about why we don’t grow food in the city and then looked at some different fruits we can buy in the supermarket. Then we used the fruit to make some delicious smoothies and evaluated them after our taste test.

Summer of Love

We loved celebrating the Summer of Love and the fiftieth anniversary of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Our outfits were amazing and we had lots of fun singing and dancing to lots of songs by the Beatles! Watch our video to see some dance moves here IMG_6583 (1)

SUNP0568 SUNP0569 SUNP0570 SUNP0571 SUNP0572 SUNP0573


Forest School is back!

We were all very excited to be going back to forest school this week. We had lots of fun climbing, building dens and having our favourite treat at the campfire.

Yummy Yoghurts!

We had lots of fun cutting up healthy, delicious fruit for our yoghurts. They were delicious!

What a term!

Wow! What a busy term we’ve had! Miss Seddon is so proud of how hard we’ve worked and thinks we all deserve a nice break. We ended the term with some special treats to celebrate completing our special booklets. We did lots of fun activities with our friends and even had a delicious lolly ice to cool down!

Have a lovely break next week, 2SE. Rest and do lots of fun things too. I’ll see you in a week!

Crazy Capacity

Another fun maths activity this week! We’ve been estimating, reading scales and ordering! We can even read the scales when some numbers are missing!!

SUNP0487 SUNP0489 SUNP0490 SUNP0492 SUNP0493

We can tell time!

We’ve had so much fun showing off our maths skills this week! There’s been lots of fun maths activities going on and we’ve been impressing Miss Seddon with how much we’ve learnt! One tricky maths area we have all improved on is telling the time! Now we don’t have to keep asking miss “When is it lunch time?” We can figure it out ourselves!

Summer Term

Welcome back everyone! This term is an extremely busy term with children completing lots of special booklets. Please try to make sure your child is in school everyday so they don’t miss any. As well as this, we’ve got lots of fun things planned this term too! Please see our summer term newsletter and learning log for more information!

Newsletter Year 2 SUMMER 2017                   Year 2 Summer log 2017


Easter Fun!

We’ve had lots of fun over the last two weeks preparing for Easter. We enjoyed a visit from the chicks, made Easter baskets and had our wonderful Easter Bonnet Parade this morning! Thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into making the bonnets, which all looked fantastic! Take a look at our pictures…


We have had a busy morning doing some measuring. We used our rulers and metre sticks to find things shorter than, longer than and equal to 30cm and 1m. Then we used our measuring equipment to measure the height and length of different things in our classroom.

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