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SATs 2018

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Slave Auction

As part of their topic, 6M acted out the dreadful event of a slave auction. They role played the parts of slaves and traders. They worked well in groups as always!

6M’s World Book Day Costumes

What’s cooking?

As part of Y6’s topic on ‘The Slave Trade’, 6M cooked an African meal. We made a delicious mango chicken with coconut rice. As you can see from the pictures below, it was a hit! We also tried many exotic fruits and vegetables from Africa.

A visit from the ducks


6M held a mock strike last term. The children were learning about the matchstick girls of Bryant and Mays Factory. They discovered the horrifying truth of what went on. The girls used to be fined for laughing, sneezing, being late and having dirty feet. They also had many occupational hazards such as phossy jaw (where your jaw disintegrates), loss of fingers and even baldness! The conditions were truly awful. They decided to strike just like the girls. Have a look at our videos below.

Graduation Day!

6M spent the day at Liverpool University, where they all graduated in their week-long course of engineering. We were very proud of them all. Have a look at our photos and videos below.

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

As part of the week with Into University, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. It was a fantastic trip enjoyed by all. We had three different talks/shows which were all interesting and informative. The first was all about the industrial revolution and they made Mr Macleod dress up as a lady – unfortunately no photos were taken! Then we learnt about the cotton trade. Did you know at one point Manchester produced 70% of the worlds cotton? And finally we had the show which pitted robots against humans. Although the robots were impressive, humans came out on top. We also got a time to walk around the transport museum and play with the experiments on the top floor. A great day was had by all.

Learning about the cotton trade.

6M in the transport museum.

Talk about the industrial revolution.

Into University

Today 6M were joined by Captain Clean at Into University! The groups all design their own underwater cities. They had to manage transport, housing, entertainment, food and other amenities.

Captain Clean talks to the children.

Children designing an underwater city.

Children designing an underwater city.

Children designing an underwater city.

Ice Skating

A great big well done to everyone who came Ice Skating on Monday 4th December.

10 children from each of 6M and 6W were selected to go Ice Skating as reward for their dedication to Reading Plus.

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