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Microbit Feedback

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Microbit Resource

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Maths Math Maths!

We’ve been very busy in maths the last couple of weeks! We have been multiplying and dividing. Take a look at our pictures…

Islands – UK and Australia!

We had so much fun launching our topic on Friday! We dressed in red , white and blue to match the UK flag and the Australian flags. We made passports so we could travel all the way to Australia and made our own flags. We looked at globes and maps to see if we could find the two places. We can’t wait to find out so much more!


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Ice Skating

A great big well done to everyone who came Ice Skating on Monday 4th December.

10 children from each of 6M and 6W were selected to go Ice Skating as reward for their dedication to Reading Plus.

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Ancient Egypt

What a brilliant day at the World Museum. We explored the history and everyday life of Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the importance of the River Nile, the process of mummification and even seen some real mummies and their sarcophagus’. After lunch, we were archaeologists, putting on our white gloves to ensure that we didn’t damage the artefacts. We used our knowledge of Ancient Egypt to solve problems and discovered what the artefacts revealed about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.


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Super Subtraction!

2M have been busy doing lots more maths this week. We have been subtracting 2 digit numbers. We started with equipment and now we can do it with pictures, on number lines and even in our heads!

Florence Assembly

Wow! What an assembly. We impressed Mrs Macleod and Miss Gibson so much with our amazing reading and singing. We spoke very clearly and sang very loudly. Here we are singing our final song, thanking God.

Florence Assembly