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Welcome to our class blog for Miss McCormick’s year 3 class. On here you can find out lots of information about what 3M are doing this year and all about our learning.

Here is a copy of our y3 newslettersummer 2018 with some important dates and information.

Year 3 will have spelling homework each week given on a Monday and collected on Friday. Please encourage your children to complete homework using joined handwriting. Children should aim to read nightly.

Here you can find some spelling games for the Year 3 spelling words to help practise at home.

Spelling games

In year 3 the focus is on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Any extra practice the children can do on these will help the children to become more fluent in their mathematics. The children will be given a list of times tables questions to practice each week, the aim is to move up the rainbow when each colour has been mastered. Here is a copy of the times tables colours.  Rainbow-Tables-sheets

And some some fun games and songs to help.

Times Tables Games  Practice Times Tables

P.E will take place on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit in their bag as the children will be changing in school. If there are any questions regarding the P.E. kit please do not hesitate to ask.

3M news...

Stone Age food

We have become Hunter Gatherers and tasted food such as berries, nuts and chicken on a bone (we cheated and cooked ours). We then made Stone Age bread using ingredients such as cranberries, walnuts and herbs like thyme to flavour our bread.


Liverpool in the 1960’s

Greek kebabs

Greek pots

Social Media and Gaming

Mr Farrell led a session where children could share their feelings regarding Social Media and Gaming.

Answers are collated on the linked Padlet.


Ancient Greek Homework projects

Thank you so much to all the children who made such a massive effort with their homework projects for our Ancient Greek topic. We had such a vast range from stories, books, to leaflets, to models and everything in between! Thank you to everyone at home who helped with the projects, it made a huge difference in supporting your children’s learning. Here are some of the excellent projects from 3M.   We used our democratic skills and voted for our winners just like the Ancient Greeks did. Well done to Holly, Aimee and Francis our winners, and of course to the rest of 3M who took all got a prize for their efforts.

Time travel in Year 3!

On Friday we went back in time to Ancient Greece. We explored the Geography of the Ancient Greek empire and it’s rulers, historical events which affected the rise and fall Greek empire and experienced what it was like to vote using early democracy (which the girls realised was not as fair as we first thought!) We were creative by acting out the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and used our resilience to solve some of Archimedes mathematical puzzles. In the afternoon we seen some real Greek armour and battle equipment and formed a phalanx formation with our own shields. We finished our day by working together in teams to have an Ancient Olympic games. 

Ancient Egypt

What a brilliant day at the World Museum. We explored the history and everyday life of Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the importance of the River Nile, the process of mummification and even seen some real mummies and their sarcophagus’. After lunch, we were archaeologists, putting on our white gloves to ensure that we didn’t damage the artefacts. We used our knowledge of Ancient Egypt to solve problems and discovered what the artefacts revealed about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.


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Africa Topic

What a fantastic end to our Africa topic, the children made an excellent effort with all their African climate projects, showcasing their Geography skills and artistic creativity. I was so impressed with everyone who contributed. Congratulations and well done.


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