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Toys Old and New – Launch Day!

On Thursday, Year 1 launched our new topic of Toys Old and New! To get excited about this new topic we looked at some old and new toys together and decided how we could tell if a toy was from the past or the present. We looked at the types of materials they were made of and thought about if they would still be fun to play with today (most were – especially the marionette!)

After, we were allowed to bring in one of our favourite toys from home to play with and share with our friends. There were dolls, rubix cubes, transformers, teddy bears and footballs! As it was a beautiful sunny day, we brought our toys out onto the yard to play with so that we could share our toys with our friends in both classes. When we came back inside we interviewed our friends about their favourite toys and who they like to play with.

We had a lovely day and we are excited to learn more about old and new toys around us. I wonder what the teachers and parents used to play with when they were little? This weekend, try to ask a parent or family member about their favourite toys!

China – A Celebration of Learning!

As we move into the summer term we are also concluding our work on our “Friends With the World” topic. Throughout the Spring we took on a great adventure in learning that lead us through investigation Mandarin and Cantonese languages through music, tasting Chinese foods and participating in a typical school day for a Chinese pupil (including the morning workout)!

As explorers of knowledge we took part in our own independent study of China through our homework projects. The projects were all outstanding and all of the children received certificates for their hard work! A lot of the children not only learned facts about landmarks, animals and geography, they also learned how to write their names using Chinese characters! Here is a selection of photos of our projects.

As part of our topic we also celebrated our learning through our Year 1 Assembly! We presented through the story of “The Magic Paintbrush” and compared how the protagonist, Shen, displayed the All Saints learner characteristics just like us! We also sang songs in Cantonese, performed a traditional lion dance and learned a silk scarf dance as well.

When we returned after the Easter break, we went to the Liverpool World Museum to visit the Terracotta Warrior exhibit. This was an amazing opportunity and we really enjoyed seeing the life-sized warriors right in front of our very own eyes!

When we returned from the museum we decided to try to create our own versions of the warriors. We used clay to shape and sculpt our own army of warriors and tried our best to create the life-like details that we saw on the warriors at the museum. This was a difficult task but we loved getting our hands dirty and using our creativity to make our army come to life!

Toys launch day.

The sun was shining for Year One’s exciting toy launch day. The children enjoyed playing with their favourite toys and sharing them with their friends.

They looked at the different materials, colours and sizes of their toys and were asked to guess which ones their parents or grandparents might have had when they were young.


Summer Newsletter

Hello Year 1 Parents,

Please find the attached Year 1 newsletter for the Summer Term. It gives you some information about our upcoming phonics screening, our targets for reading and writing and the exciting projects we are working on in Science and in our Creative Curriculum. We are looking forward to all of the adventures we will have in learning this term!

Newsletter Year 1 Summer 2018 Edited

World Book Day!

1D had a fantastic day celebrating reading our favourite books! We dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters and enjoyed James and the Giant Peach activities throughout the week. We tasted peaches and brainstormed words to describe the way they taste, feel, smell and look. We wrote a diary entry as if we were James and drew our own polaroid pictures!

Scroll down to see our amazing costumes!

Mrs Dunn visits Sierra Leone

Mrs Dunn visited our partner school in Waterloo, Sierra Leone over the half term break. She worked with teachers at children at Fano International School and focused on teaching phonics. Before she left, 1D and 1H wrote letters to the children in the Year 1 class at Fano and the children in Sierra Leone were delighted to receive them and write back! It was an amazing experience and we hope to welcome teachers and children from Fano school to All Saints for a visit next year!

1D Keeping Fit!

1D has been working hard to display their All Saints characteristics in PE lessons! We show resilience through learning new things and not being afraid to try again. We show independence by flowing instructions and listening to the coach. We show communication by taking turns and playing with our friends as a team. We show creativity by finding new ways to throw, catch and move. We show curiosity by learning new skills and asking questions. We love PE!

Friends With The World!

Year 1 is very lucky that we are currently learning all about our friends is faraway places. One of our link schools is in Zhuhai, China so we are investigating and experiencing Chinese music, food, language and culture. On top of it all we are comparing the weather and climate between Zhuhai and Liverpool and learning what life is like living in a hot country.

We are having great fun tasting new foods, trying on traditional costumes and making lanterns. At home we are working on our Spring homework projects so it is exciting to see and hear all of the wonderful knowledge that our curious Year 1 pupils are learning at home as they work with their families. Keep up the fantastic learning, Year 1!

Addition with numicon!

In Year 1 we are investigating addition. We are learning that a whole can be made up of smaller parts. Today we used numicon to help us find the different sizes of parts that we can use to create a whole number. It was fun to try out new combinations to see if they fit and write number sentences about our discoveries.

IMG_0012 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0018 IMG_0019


Neighbourhood Walk

On Thursday we went on a walk around our local area. We looked at the different types of houses and saw that in Anfield we have detached houses, semi-detached houses, caravans, blocks of flats and bungalows. We also started to learn how to tell if a building is old or new.

We had a lovely time walking together and noticing the changes in the seasons and we took our class picture in Stanley park. IMG_5954