All Saints Catholic Primary School

Maths Money Week

Children in R2 had a lovely Money Week learning about money and organised a very successful lemonade sale on Thursday. Then, they decided to donate the profits to a local charity! Photos below show the children in action.


For Money Week in Class 1H we held a class competition. We were split into mixed ability teams. Each team had 15 minutes to complete a task before moving on to the next. The children had to keep their own scores to tally at the end too.

For snack time we set up a shop. Fruit and milk were priced on the board. The children had to count the correct money and pay for it. It was up to the shop keeper to check to see if anyone needed change.

Photos below show some of the children having fun during money week.

Money Week 1 Money Week 2 Money Week 3 Money Week 4 Money Week 5 Money Week 6 Money Week 7 Money Week 8