All Saints Catholic Primary School

Maths for Life

We are aiming to promote ‘Maths for life’ and ensure all our pupils have a positive attitude towards maths across the curriculum, not just in their maths lessons !

Year 2 Maths Club

Look at what we do in our Year 2 Maths Club. Click on this link Maths Club pic

Outdoor Maths!

The whole school have been working on their use of our outdoor spaces to help us with our Maths lessons. A company called ‘As Creatives’ came in to help us with some ideas.

Take a look at Year 6 working on Maths using the outdoor space in our playground.

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Fruity Fun

Our business is now well underway! We have had our training, and we are selling our Healthy Snacks every Thursday playtime. We have to independently run the business: counting stock, ordering stock, checking finances and marketing. Don’t forget your money every Thursday!

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