All Saints Catholic Primary School

Resilience Projects 2016/17

For the 2016-17 academic year we are asking pupils, staff and parents to come up with exciting ideas about how classes can adopt a project which promotes resilience. We want pupils to learn about taking on a responsibility, sticking with it and seeing it through to its conclusion. Most, if not all, will involve being part of a wider community and seeing each of us in our community as valuable neighbours and partners. Mr Barnes will try and negotiate a £100 start-up fund for all applications.

Our first one is the Ceramics Project with St Vincent’s School for the Blind which involved all pupils in Year 5. The key aim here is for the children to work with pupils from St Vincent’s to produce ceramic designs ready for the kiln. They have to use excellent communication skills to work with their partner who may not have the sight to use the tolls accurately. Our first stunning pieces of work are already making their way back to All Saints.