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Sierra Leone

February 15th 2017: School getting ready for next week.

Isatu showing how she is using the materials from All Saints

IsatuHere you will find all news relating to our curriculum links with our friends in Sierra Leone. Here are the aims of our partnership…

Partnership Agreement between All Saints Catholic Primary School, Anfield, and FANO International School, Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

As partners with FANO International School, we hope to build relationships between staff, pupils and the local community through a variety of means.  We wish to develop the following:-

  • To improve adults and children’s understanding of life in other countries so that we develop our views of the world, explore perceptions and connections and develop global dimensions to our schools.
  • To learn from each other as equal partners so that an impact is made on both teaching and learning within our schools.
  • To develop long, strong links with children from a contrasting locality and to incorporate this into many aspects of the curriculum.
  • To develop links through writing and other forms of correspondence.
  • To explore musical similarity and diversity and to exchange music making ideas.
  • To develop an awareness of similarities and differences in sport and recreational activities.
  • To explore the similarities and differences in family life and that of the local community.
  • To look at differences and similarities in diet and how food is farmed, bought, prepared and served.
  • To explore family and national celebrations and how they impact on our culture.
  • To establish a programme of exchange visits for staff and even possibly older pupils.
  • To ensure our schools agree to develop the partnership by building on it, year by year, and by embedding it into the ethos of the schools.

Our last visit was February half-term 2014.  Because of Ebola we were unable to visit this year. Here’s hoping we can go back soon!


Sierra Leone 2017

Waterloo Partner Schools visit to Bassatown

Waterloo Partnership Schools

Sightbox Milton Margai School for the Blind - Sierra Leone 2017.jpg-large

Presenting a Sightbox to Mary from           Milton Magwai School for the Blind

Fano Primary

Midsummer Night's Dream - Sierra Leone Marieke and Ann

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                   Meeting Maieke and Ann





























Sierra Leone news...

Sierra Leone presentation

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