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This year we are getting ready for our second exciting trip to Seville, Spain where our fantastic Community Band will perform in our link schools and get to see the sights of this wonderful Andalucian city. Children from All Saints and a number of secondary schools in the region will spend 3 days there meeting and performing with talented local musicians from the city. The children are currently brushing up on their Spanish, eager to make the most of this exciting opportunity!

You will find all news about our curricular links to Seville here.

Seville Trip 2016

All Saints Community Band returned from a wonderful 3 day tour of Seville at the beginning of April 2016!

They played in our link school Highlands as well as performing in Plaza Nueva in front of the town hall!  The band also visited the famous school of Classical Flamenco as well as visiting the beautiful sights of Seville.

We are so proud of all of their achievements. They impressed new Spanish friends as well as local residents and foreign tourists!

Check out some photos of the fantastic trip below:

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