All Saints Catholic Primary School


It is the belief of the staff and governors at All Saints that our children should receive a curriculum which provides a range of opportunities, a clear pathway for skill development, and an understanding of the world around them in preparation for challenges ahead. This curriculum should itself be challenging, stimulating and provide enjoyment for our pupils. It should also allow flexibility so pupils can follow their interests in some depth when the opportunity arises.

The school has two accompanying central beliefs about its curriculum. Firstly, that opportunities should be given to children to have first-hand experiences wherever possible; our children are out of school a lot. Secondly, visiting partners and specialists make a great contribution to the curriculum, often when they lead to festivals of learning or pupil performances.

A Global link to the curriculum is also part of the school’s offer and this is to be further developed. Our curriculum should be constantly evolving.

We have also designed a themed curriculum which is added to the more discrete teaching of English, Maths, RE, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, PE and Music. It takes in aspects of History, Geography, ICT, Design, Art and Language.

We feel this provides sufficient rigour whilst allowing teachers flexibility in organising their own termly timetables. The themed approach is particularly appropriate for Year 2 to 6, with Nursery, Reception and Year 1 assuming elements into a curriculum which already has a themed approach throughout.

The themed curriculum is planned over one academic year and is punctuated by two assessment weeks and festival weeks.

Download the latest Curriculum brochure below:

6538 All Saints Curriculum brochure 2015 v7 WEB

Everything we do in our curriculum is designed to develop our pupils as learners in five key characteristics:- communication, creativity, curiosity, independence and resilience. These are shown to the children through our five superheroes below.