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Thank you to the staff and residents of the L’Arche community for helping us to get ready for our ‘Family and Community Planting Event’. We would also like to give a special thank you for those of you that attended. We were so glad that you were able to come and see for yourselves how much of a success the evening was.

Family and Community Planting Event

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the families and members of the local community that came out to support this wonderful event. Everyone worked really hard to remove weeds and prepare areas of our new Forest School garden for planting. Together we then planted dozens of saplings, flowers and shrubs that will flourish and grow creating a wonderful peaceful outdoor learning environment. The children also played sports, relaxed with a yoga class, painted pebbles and pots and made flower book marks and ‘God’s Eyes’. The BBQ was delicious and so were the s’mores that we cooked on the campfire.


Visit from our local Community Support & Traffic Support Officers

Today we had a visit from our local Police Community & Traffic Support Officers. We had invited them to come and join our Forest School session and were delighted when they arrived so that we could show them our new outdoor area. Officer Lucy and Officer C.J helped the children to find and identify some of the creatures that live and visit our outdoor space and the children showed them our new Bug Hotel. During the session the children learned a lot about being a police officer and about some of the things they do to help us such as; keeping us safe and helping us if we are ever lost or scared. Some children even got to talk to each other using the officers 2-way radios and we all enjoyed learning a new song about ‘crossing the road safely’. At the end of the session we sat around the camp-fire, enjoyed cooking and eating a s’more and finished with a sing song .

Community Partners: L’Arche

For over a year now our children have been working alongside the L’Arche Community in Kensington. L’Arche is a community where adults with and without learning disabilities share life together, living and/or working in the community. L’Arche in Liverpool provide person centered, individual support and care to over 200 adults with learning disabilities, often with complex and multiple disabilities.
L’Arche communities are Christian communities that recognise people with learning disabilities who often find themselves isolated and lonely. The staff and volunteers at L’Arche try to offer people the ‘best of both worlds’ by providing independent living with interdependent support. Across the world, there are 147 such communities in 35 different countries, especially in France and Canada.

L’Arche prayer:
Father, through Jesus our Lord, we ask you to bless us.
Grant that L’Arche be a true home, where everyone may find life, where those of us who suffer may find hope.
Keep in your loving care all those who come.
Spirit of God, give us greatness of heart that we may welcome all those you send.
Make us compassionate that we may heal and bring peace.
Help us to see, to serve and to love.
O Lord, through the hands of each other, bless us; through the eyes of each other, smile on us.
O Lord, grant freedom, fellowship and unity to all your people and welcome everyone into your kingdom.

Each week a group of children will either visit the L’Arche day centre in Kensington or a group of staff and residents will come to work in our school. So far this year L’Arch have been working with the year 3 children helping us to develop our new ‘Forest School’ area. We have been planting saplings, vegetables and herbs, working on our new ‘Bug Hotel’, creating a camp-fire area and establishing pathways around the area.

This next term (Summer) the Year 5 pupils will be constructing bird-boxes, creating planting beds and planting seeds, willow weaving, making bird feeders and continuing to creating paths through the area using woodchips.