All Saints Catholic Primary School


Community Partners: Hope University

Tomorrow, we start a new project in school when staff and students from Hope University begin working with Y1 staff and pupils on science lessons, promoting enquiry and investigation. Called the ‘Hope Challenge’, the project has already met with success in several primary schools in the city, so we’re delighted to have been asked.

In addition to assisting the training of students at the university, we are involved with Hope in global education, and supporting those pupils with special educational needs. In short, All Saints appreciates the friendship and expertise that comes with the partnership.

Hope University is also a faith university, represented by both the Catholic Church and the Church of England. It shares key values, such as inclusion and collaboration, and believes that education should lead to ‘truth, beauty and goodness‘ as expressed by Thomas Aquinas, himself a great believer in the power of hope.

So we ‘hope’ that the Y1 project is a roaring success. Keep your eye on twitter for more news.

Community Partners: North Liverpool Teaching School Partnership

A key strategic partner for All Saints is the North Liverpool Teaching School Partnership based at Everton Nursery and Family Centre on Spencer Street. The Teaching School has been responsible for the training of a whole host of teachers over the past few years, including several now at All Saints e.g. Mrs Best, Mrs Harmston and Mrs Higgott.

In addition to the training of teachers, the Teaching School assists in providing quality professional development for existing teachers and school leaders. For example, courses have assisted recently qualified teachers, through learning walks around other good and outstanding schools. The Teaching School is also able to offer excellent support for early years’ teaching because of its location at Everton Nursery School.

All Saints plays a part in leading this training as well as benefiting from it. We are one of 5 strategic partners, the others being Everton Nursery, Barlows Lane Primary, Our Lady Immaculate Primary, and the Beacon C.E. Primary School.

So if you fancy a career in teaching, you know where to go! Visit for more information.

School Nurse

Our new school nurse Jaqueline Little is in school on Monday 16th April at for drop in sessions.

These drop in sessions will then take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

Dates are as follows:
– 2nd May 2018
– 6th June 2018
– 4th July 2018

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact reception on 0151 263 9561.

Summer Term

Welcome back to the summer term at All Saints. It’s not very summery yet, but there is still plenty of time. Let’s hope it warms up.

Over the next two weeks, there should be plenty of information through newsletters, class blogs and through the website, all of which will help you plot your way through the term. There is lots going on before we break up on 20th July.

During the Easter holidays, staff developed great partnerships at Ecole Rosa Parks in Rouen, and also at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire – I hope that pupils and parents will be able to visit both schools in the future and share in some great learning together.

Two years since we last did a musical, this year we will be presenting our third production of ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ and we invite Y6 pupils, initially, to audition next week for parts. We first performed this in 2007 when the part of Joseph was taken by two boys, one of whom, Peter McGrail, is contesting for a Silver and even a Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games this weekend!

From ‘dream coat’ to ‘dream medal’. We all wish him well.

Headteacher’s Blog: End of Spring Term

It’s the end of term, and it was lovely to see it being celebrated by pupils at the disco yesterday evening in our parish club. Thanks to all the parents who made that possible.

Early tomorrow morning, I am driving to France to do some further research for the Catholic Independent Schools’ Conference regarding how different European countries deal with disability in schools, especially from a Catholic point of view. Dr Patterson, the principal at St Vincent’s School for the Blind, will be putting the notes together into an academic paper for publication at the end of the year.

It also gives me the chance to meet up with Miss Thomson and Miss McCormick in Rouen at our new partner school – Ecole Rosa Parks. We will do some planning with the headteacher and staff there with a view to pupils and parents being able to visit in future years. At All Saints, learning is all about ‘opening doors’ and being curious about how other countries work, learn and play. We’ve so much to learn from each other. To borrow a Jesuit phrase, ‘The world is our house.’

Next term will be full of events and fun; we’ve a Languages and Cultural Festival, a Wellness Week and a production of ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ amongst other things. I’m also going to be busy preparing an inaugural Pupil Conference in July.

We are also planning some changes to the school curriculum which will take place in September. Throughout the term, there will be regular chances for parents to get involved in these discussions.

Finally, if you are interested, and in the interests of accountability, here is a presentation showing the work that I undertook during my recent sabbatical.

Sabbatical Presentation

Have a lovely Easter holiday.



Community Partners: L’Arche.

For over a year now, our children have been working alongside the L’Arche Community in Kensington, the only L’Arche community in Liverpool. Across the world, there are 147 such communities in 35 different countries, especially in France and Canada.

L’Arche communities are Christian communities that recognise people with learning disabilities who often find themselves isolated and lonely. The staff and volunteers at L’Arche try to offer people the ‘best of both worlds’ by providing independent living with interdependent support.

At L’Arche Liverpool, All Saints’ pupils, staff and parents work alongside the residents on a variety of outdoor projects. For example, this term Year 5 pupils will be constructing birdboxes, planting seeds, building bug hotels, making fat balls for birds  and creating paths through the area using woodchips.

This partnership offers our children the chance to learn new skills, especially science, design and technology, but also they will become part of a wider community, showing confidence and compassion for others around them. Residents at L’Arche also gain in similar ways from our pupils.

We are also delighted that staff and parents have become part of this wider community and are contributing to the wider ‘common good’ of society.

By the way, L’Arche means ‘the ark’ in English.

School Nurse Drop In Session

The School Nurse is holding a drop in session on Monday 19th March 2018 (no appointment needed).

If you have any concerns regarding your child, please call in.

Community Partners: Bashu School, Chongqing.

Community partners come far and wide. Possibly the furthest away of our partners is Bashu School in Chongqing, China. This school signed a formal agreement with All Saints back in 2016 to be ‘partners’. Staff and pupils have visited our school twice, and staff from All Saints have also visited on two occasions.

If we can secure funding, we would love to take pupils and parents to see the school and enjoy the fantastic friendship and hospitality.

Our partnership assists in teaching a part of the curriculum in Year 1, and later in KS2 as a contrasting location in the world. Year 1 presented a wonderful assembly yesterday which is available here for you to see here

As YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are all banned in China (a learning point in itself), it’s difficult to contact them (we have to use a site called WeChat) and it’s therefore not easy for parents to find out more about the school.

We hope that our friends in Chongqing will come over to Liverpool in 2019 to see us again and tell us more.


Parents’ Evenings: 19th and 20th March 2018

In addition to the meetings with your child’s teacher, the following things will be going on in the school hall. Do come along and pay a visit.

FREE FOOD- TASTING and information about school meals, now run by the school’s management.

ROLLING PRESENTATION from the Headteacher regarding his sabbatical and connections to All Saints.

‘HOLIDAY HAWKS’ Information Stand

Displays of PUPILS’ HOMEWORK – projects on China, Space etc etc.

SIERRA LEONE Project – Stand with video and photos.

‘READING PLUS’ Information Stand

Y6 Pupils’ RAFFLE


FREE ENTRY into draw for £50 gift vouchers.

Pupils should, wherever possible, accompany parents to the meeting with their teacher. For parents of 4T and R1, we will try to have as much as possible of this available for you later in the week when you visit your teachers.

Sports 2018

As always, All Saints will be running a large number of after-school sports clubs over the coming months.  In order to impart as much information as possible about start/finish dates and times we have posted a timetable entitled ‘Sports 2018’ on the All Saints Club page for your reference.  The same letter will also come home on Friday in the form of a hard copy for you to keep.