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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to school on a cold and frosty January morning. Today in assembly we shared the story of the visit of the Three Wisemen from Saint Matthew’s gospel to complete our Nativity scene.

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Across the world this weekend there were many traditional  celebrations for the Feast of the Epiphany on 6th January, including religious services, parades, swimming and dancing in the sea.

This is a short half term, only 5 weeks long and we look forward to settling down to our work. Please make every  effort to come into school every day.

RE Inspection

All Saints recently underwent a RE Inspection resulting in many positive comments.  Please navigate to Religious Life>RE Inspection 2017 for a link to the full report.


Today it was the turn of R1, 1S/H and 2M to ‘tread the boards’ in their Nativity play ‘Born in a Barn’. and their performance was just as outstanding as the classes the previous day.  Once again there was a marvellous turn out of parents, all eager to see and support their children’s efforts and they won’t have been disappointed!

Thanks must go to the staff of all the classes for preparing them so well.



The Christmas activities got underway today with a lovely Nativity performance from R2, 1D and 2M.  They were superb and it was wonderful to see so many parents/grandparents turning out to support them.  Well done, and we look forward to seeing R1, 1H and 2G perform their Nativity.



Christmas Music

We are delighted to invite you to our Christmas music performances next Tuesday 19th December at 2.15pm in the school hall.  Please click on the link below for full details.

Christmas music

Second Week of Advent

The season of Advent is very short this year – it is only three weeks and one day long – and this means that Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  For our school this will be a busy week. The Nativity Story will be acted out for parents of Infant Children on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. As a school community we will share our Christmas Dinner on Wednesday lunchtime; dressed in our festive jumpers. More importantly however, amidst all the hustle and bustle, we will spend time in our classes and assembly to come together and light the second candle on our Advent wreath and pray for Peace in our world.


Today is the first day of December and the meteorological first day of winter – it certainly feels like it today! This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. The name “Advent” comes from the Latin  meaning “coming.” Jesus is coming, and Advent is intended to be a season of preparation for His arrival. While we typically regard Advent as a joyous season, it is also intended to be a period of preparation. Prayer, penance and fasting are appropriate during this season.

The purple color associated with Advent is also the color of penance.

The color of the Third Sunday of Advent is rose. This color symbolizes joy and represents the happiness we will experience when Jesus comes again. The Third Sunday is a day of anticipatory celebration. It is formerly called “Gaudete” Sunday; gaudete means “rejoice” in Latin.

Advent Wreath


New Entrance and Artwork

Our beautiful new entrance and jigsaws have now been completed and have greatly impressed parents and visitors alike.  The mosaics at the entrance incorporate pictures and words that embody our gospel values as a school,  while the jigsaws completed by each year group were created by choosing a word then choosing a background to compliment each word.

Our thanks to Mrs Thompson who worked so hard with the children and to Miss Thomson for her assistance.


IMG_1592 IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1599 20171113_104702 20171113_104858 20171113_104822 20171113_104724 20171017_153708 20171017_145904 20171017_153604 20171017_153701 20171017_153651 20171017_153638 20171017_153617 20171017_153552

New Entrance

A quick update on our new look entrance!  The artwork at the entrance is now complete and Mrs Thompson has been working hard with the year groups to produce their jigsaw pieces.  Early years have nearly completed theirs and as you can see the bright, vivid colours they’ve chosen perfectly reflect their words.

20171113_104724 20171113_10482220171113_10470220171113_104858

Year 3 & Year 4 Projects

Year 3 and Year 4 children recently undertook projects on Africa and the Romans respectively.  Huge congratulations to children and parents alike who showed such creativity and imagination with their offerings from rainforests and safaris, to Colosseums and Roman baths!

20171103_142059 20171103_142104 20171103_142118 20171103_142145 20171103_142156 20171103_142203 20171103_142212 20171103_142235 20171103_142244 20171103_142350 20171103_142406 20171103_142418 20171103_142425 20171103_142437 20171103_142447 20171103_142456 20171103_142502 20171103_142702 20171103_142721 20171103_142733 20171103_142740 20171103_142754 20171103_142803 20171103_142818 20171103_142834 20171103_142846 20171103_142851 20171103_142905 20171103_142910 20171103_142925 20171103_142931 20171103_142958 20171103_143021 20171103_143131 20171103_143139 20171103_143147 20171103_143159 20171103_143211 20171103_143220 20171103_143231 20171103_143244 20171103_143256 20171103_143310 20171103_143319 20171103_143326 20171103_143349 20171103_143353 20171103_143417 20171103_143428 20171103_143436 20171103_143444 20171103_143450 20171103_143501