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Year 6 – BBC Newsround: Champions League Semi Final

Newsround is covering the Champions League Semi Final and we want to get the excitement from fans in and around the matches – we want to see and hear young Liverpool fans watching and reacting to the two upcoming legs taking place on Tuesday 24th April and Wed 2nd May.

We’d love to hear from kids aged 8 – 13. A mix of girls and boys would be lovely if possible.

During the match we’d like parents to film their child/children (either at the match or watching at home) reacting to goals, misses, ref decisions etc.

After the match we’d like the kids to give us their match summary – speaking directly into the camera to give their opinions about the match and answer the below:

  • How does it feel to have made it one step closer to the final?
  • How does it feel to be playing against Roma?
  • Who scored the best goal?
  • What was your favourite moment?
  • Who was your man of the match?

Keeping it short and snappy.

After they’ve been recorded, could parents please send the videos over to us on Tuesday night straight after the match using Wetransfer ( to maeve.o’

We would like the same again for the second leg. However, if there are any kids going to Rome to watch the match on the 2nd May, then we’d love them to send us a video diary of them at the match etc. We would ask parents to get in touch with us to discuss this in more detail. 

We would ask parents to film their child’s answers using a phone or tablet (IN LANDSCAPE NOT PORTRAIT). I have also attached our self-shooting guide to offer a few tips. We cannot guarantee anything we are sent will end up online or on air.

If parents are happy for their child to take part, we would ask them to sign, scan and return a consent form.

Jan 2018 Newsround child consent form

Newsround Shooting Guide

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