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New House System

All pupils have been set a task – to design a flag for their new house/team. During our Wellness Week (starting on 26th June) we will launch the houses with all sorts of ‘Sports Day’ type activities. There will also be a Quiz Afternoon come July.

So what are they houses, and what do we know about them?

Chongqing House: after our friends at Bashu School in Chongqing, China. A huge city (how big?) with an interesting history (what happened there in 1945?) and one of the world’s longest rivers passing through it (which river?).

Flanders House: after our friends in Veurne, Belgium. Four different Y6 groups from All Saints have visited Belgium to meet our friends. Why is Flanders so important for British people? Why is it so flat? What language do they speak? Their headteacher is visiting our school in July so get your questions ready!

Rouen House: after our friends in Rouen, France. Staff have visited our partner school there, Ecole Rosa Parks, and we have funding to send many more over coming months and years. Apart from Rosa Parks, who is the famous woman forever linked to the city of Rouen. What region is it in and which river does it sit on?

Waterloo House: after our friends in Sierra Leone, at FANO and Milton Margai School for the Blind. Why Waterloo? And why is there a Liverpool region called Waterloo? Why does Waterloo have such an importance for the British people? What does Waterloo in Sierra Leone have to worry about – war, famine, flooding?

So as we start our Languages and Cultural Festival next week, here’s the challenge – use what we know about these places to design some brand new flags! And on Tuesday 26th June we will fly these flags as we sing our own National Anthem and launch the Wellness Week.

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