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Community Partners: St Vincent’s School for the Blind

Each week, a group of pupils visit St Vincent’s School for the Blind in West Derby as part of our joint ‘reverse inclusion’ project. The idea is that the children with ‘visual impairment’ are on their home territory and can lead our children in shared learning – this is in creating ceramic pieces of art work. They also make friends and establish links in a non-threatening environment.

Between us, St Vincent’s and All Saints are trying to lead on a curricular approach which celebrates the arts, compassion, collaboration and ingenuity. Much of this is already being shared with schools in the UK and around the world. This summer, in partnership with Hope University, our children are hosting a Global Youth Conference on June 16th.

If you were blind and growing up in Sub-Saharan Africa, what would you do? This is the subject for an innovative project we’re starting next week with St Vincent’s and Comms Plus 02. This will lead to a Pupil Conference on 6th July at Liverpool FC.

For more information about St Vincent’s work and their charity Sightbox, read more at

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