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Community Partners: L’Arche.

For over a year now, our children have been working alongside the L’Arche Community in Kensington, the only L’Arche community in Liverpool. Across the world, there are 147 such communities in 35 different countries, especially in France and Canada.

L’Arche communities are Christian communities that recognise people with learning disabilities who often find themselves isolated and lonely. The staff and volunteers at L’Arche try to offer people the ‘best of both worlds’ by providing independent living with interdependent support.

At L’Arche Liverpool, All Saints’ pupils, staff and parents work alongside the residents on a variety of outdoor projects. For example, this term Year 5 pupils will be constructing birdboxes, planting seeds, building bug hotels, making fat balls for birdsĀ  and creating paths through the area using woodchips.

This partnership offers our children the chance to learn new skills, especially science, design and technology, but also they will become part of a wider community, showing confidence and compassion for others around them. Residents at L’Arche also gain in similar ways from our pupils.

We are also delighted that staff and parents have become part of this wider community and are contributing to the wider ‘common good’ of society.

By the way, L’Arche means ‘the ark’ in English.

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