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Community Partners: IntoUniversity


Over the next few weeks, I will try to give parents some further information about our many community partners, all working alongside the school to create learning opportunities for our pupils and families.

First up is IntoUniversity.

IntoUniversity North Liverpool started in October 2017. It is the charity’s first centre in Liverpool and is run in partnership with Liverpool FC Foundation and Liverpool University.

All Saints were fully involved in the planning and the set-up of this centre, with much of this work starting as far back as 2015. If fits in with our strong belief in community learning, promoting high aspiration and ambition. We are also delighted that it is highly inclusive, there to support all children irrespective of ability.

For Year 5 and 6 pupils, IntoUniversity gives pupils the chance to learn about the world of work; how courses assist your chances of certain careers and professions. Importantly, once the children have left All Saints, their involvement with IntoUniversity continues throughout their secondary education.

At a launch event in January, our pupils spoke about how this can help them and help their community. Ben, from Year 6, was especially articulate, talking about his experiences of Chemistry and Classics activities at the new centre.

The work of IntoUniversity fits perfectly into the vision and ethos of our school. Learning is a community activity, not something that only happens during school hours. We want parents to be involved fully in learning alongside their children and to support them with their development; we are all learners, irrespective of age.

So for parents of children who are in the first part of their careers at All Saints, we would encourage you to keep in touch with the work of IntoUniversity, follow them on social media perhaps, and your child may get the opportunity to benefit from its work.

IntoUniversity is located in the Anfield Business Centre at the top of Breck Road.

We are grateful to Liverpool University and Liverpool FC Foundation for their patronage of this great initiative for our pupils and community.



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