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Community Partners: Hope University

Tomorrow, we start a new project in school when staff and students from Hope University begin working with Y1 staff and pupils on science lessons, promoting enquiry and investigation. Called the ‘Hope Challenge’, the project has already met with success in several primary schools in the city, so we’re delighted to have been asked.

In addition to assisting the training of students at the university, we are involved with Hope in global education, and supporting those pupils with special educational needs. In short, All Saints appreciates the friendship and expertise that comes with the partnership.

Hope University is also a faith university, represented by both the Catholic Church and the Church of England. It shares key values, such as inclusion and collaboration, and believes that education should lead to ‘truth, beauty and goodness‘ as expressed by Thomas Aquinas, himself a great believer in the power of hope.

So we ‘hope’ that the Y1 project is a roaring success. Keep your eye on twitter for more news.

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