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Community Partners: Bashu School, Chongqing.

Community partners come far and wide. Possibly the furthest away of our partners is Bashu School in Chongqing, China. This school signed a formal agreement with All Saints back in 2016 to be ‘partners’. Staff and pupils have visited our school twice, and staff from All Saints have also visited on two occasions.

If we can secure funding, we would love to take pupils and parents to see the school and enjoy the fantastic friendship and hospitality.

Our partnership assists in teaching a part of the curriculum in Year 1, and later in KS2 as a contrasting location in the world. Year 1 presented a wonderful assembly yesterday which is available here for you to see here

As YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are all banned in China (a learning point in itself), it’s difficult to contact them (we have to use a site called WeChat) and it’s therefore not easy for parents to find out more about the school.

We hope that our friends in Chongqing will come over to Liverpool in 2019 to see us again and tell us more.


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