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All Saints Languages and Cultural Festival

I think this is the 10th one that we’ve had at the school? There have certainly been quite a few.

Why do we do it? Because at the core of our curriculum is a belief that we must look outwards, that learning takes place when we are interested in other people, other places, other cultures. It is central to our belief that CURIOSITY is a learning habit that is healthy and important in reaching fulfilment and happiness.

So this week they’ll be some interesting food to taste (French theme), activities around Arabic, visitors to tell us about Spanish festivals, teachers introducing pupils to Mandarin, plus the chance to stand on stage and take part in performing a French song. This year too, we’ve an Art Exhibition on Wednesday where we’ve taken a key person from British artistic culture, Banksy, and asked the children to design a piece of art in that style.

Parents can come to the exhibition after school on Wednesday but be aware that there will be a lot of parents straight after 3.10pm – why not wait a bit and come at 4pm or 4.30pm? You’ll have more time to look at the work and find your child’s. Each piece of work is available for £5.00 – the company’s costs for framing, 25p to Zoe’s Place and 50p to the Parents’ Association. However, you don’t have to buy the piece of art – we’ll display them in school instead.

On Thursday, please come along to the two assemblies: Reception and KS1 at 9:30am, and KS2 at 2:15pm. As well as hearing the French songs and playlets, we will also find out who are the winners of the 100-Word Challenge. Do you know your ‘l’hiver’ from your ‘le printemps’?

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